The Municipality of Puntagorda on La Palma

The Puntagorda and the almond trees belong together and are inseparable from each other. The approximately 2,000 inhabitants live from the cultivation of vegetables, bananas, avocados, and flowers. The Puntagorda region is ideal for short hikes on paths that are not too steep. In La Rosa "Aire Libre" offers guided hikes. Hiking destinations are for example the Mirador de los Matos or Las Tricias and the cave of Buracas with Guanchen tracks and dragon trees in the neighboring Municipio Garafia.

The "El Fayal" recreation area lies under high pine trees. The coast off Puntagorda is a nature reserve. The steep rock bay "Porìs de Puntagorda" with its cottages built in the stone is reached by a cul-de-sac. Attractive vantage points on the fertile landscape around Puntagorda are the Mirador de Miraflores and the Mirador de los Matos. Further down you will find spurge plants (Tabaibas, Cardones).