La Palma - Cave Exploration

On the roadsides and steep slopes of La Palma, numerous lava cave entrances are visible to everyone. Some were already used long ago by Guanches as living or burial places. But most of the lava caves of La Palma are very small.

In addition to the small cavities and the living caves, some of which have been used by people leaving the cave until recently, there are also surf caves, such as the Cueva Bonita, which is only accessible from the sea, and the lava tubes created directly by the flow of the lava. Although La Palma does not have as long lava caves as Tenerife, there are six lava caves in La Palma on the list of the 150 longest lava caves in the world.

Via the speleologist association "Benisahare" in Santa Cruz, guided tours can be booked mainly into the caves of Villa de Mazo and the Cueva de Todoque.

Numerous other palmeric caves like Benisahare La Palma in the Bejenado massif, Cueva del Perdido in Tazacorte or El Salto de Tigalate promise exciting insights into the island's history, but require some experience and good physical condition and are less suitable for tourist visits. For speleology on La Palma, these caves are good objects of interest.