La Palma by Motorcycle

It is actually amazing that not more tourists rent a motorcycle for the beautiful mountain road tours. In dry weather, this is an enjoyable alternative to a rental car and a relaxing alternative to a mountain bike.

A motorcycle can be rented for one or more days on location.

Motorcycling is a special experience on La Palma. It is simply wonderful to ride your bike quickly over winding mountain roads at pleasant temperatures. Every now and then a small rest at one of the many viewpoints and the holiday day is perfect. But you should still be careful when biking and don't overdo it with the speed, as you never know what to expect behind the next bend. The driving fun is almost unbeatable.

Good, winding roads

From easy slopes to "firebreaks", La Palma has everything for motorcyclists. Even less experienced motorcyclists can get along after a good briefing. Steep winding roads and airy heights require riding skills - and often a warm motorcycle jacket. The road along the crater rim to Roque de los Muchachos, for example, consists almost entirely of bends but has a good surface. Beware of lava boulders rolled onto the road! The views of the landscape and the curves require all the attention of the bikers. Also, the coastal road from Santa Cruz towards San Andrés high in the northeast is praised by passionate bikers as pleasant-curving. The entire island can be circumnavigated on the main route in about four hours with a moderate driving style and without intermediate stops.

Experience nature more directly on a motorcycle

On a motorcycle, you can smell the scent of the pines more directly than in a car, hear the birds chirping louder, dive into the cloud fog with their skin and hair - and suddenly emerge from it, above the clouds. Off-road tracks, such as those on the outside of the Caldera, can be dangerous and very tiring on steep gradients. The National Park Caldera de Taburiente, the Ruta de los Volcanes, and other nature reserves are forbidden for motorcycles and mountain bikes.