Mountain Biking on La Palma

By now, La Palma is more than just an insider tip in mountain biker groups. The numerous possibilities to explore the beauty of La Palma by mountain bike are for many a reason to go on a bike holiday on La Palma. The island offers an extraordinary variety of tours in a relatively small area.

Hiking trails and caminos real use for MTB

Though there are no cycle paths in the traditional sense, parts of the well-signposted hiking trail network, with a total length of about 1,000 kilometers, are used. Many routes lead over the caminos reales (king's paths), which already served the old Canarians centuries ago as a network of roads. Only the main route of Los Llanos-Santa Cruz is so heavily trafficked that it is considered dangerous for cyclists.

Safe mountain biking on La Palma

You should have a certain physical condition in consideration of the many enormous climbs on La Palma and the fast descents. By the way, helmets are compulsory in Spain. For longer descents, please keep in mind that a car might come towards you around each bend. Mountain bikers should also expect to meet hikers in the mountains and take this into account when calculating their downhill speed.

If you want to bring your own mountain bike with you, you must register it with the airline in advance as special baggage and informing yourself about the conditions and prices previously.

Rent a mountain bike on La Palma

Mountain bikes (other bikes make little sense on La Palma) can be rented on La Palma in many places, especially in Puerto Naos, Breña Baja, Los Cancajos or Los Llanos. High-quality bikes can be rented at Bike'n'Fun in Los Llanos and at the Bike Station La Palma in Puerto Naos. Both providers have many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the routes and offer recommendable guided tours (difficulty levels 2-5), from a leisurely beginner's tour to challenging tours for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Rules for MTB tours on La Palma

If you want to explore the island by mountain bike on your own, the following points are important to remember:

  • If possible, do not ride alone
  • Mandatory helmet (high penalties for non-compliance!)
  • Stay on the paths
  • Pay attention to hikers and drive considerately
  • Follow the instructions of the park and forest administrations.
  • Both tunnel passages through the Cumbre, the volcanic route and the Caldera are forbidden with the exception of the Ascent to the Mirador de Los Brecitos
  • Take your mobile phone with you (emergency number: 112)
  • A GPS device for determining your position can be helpful
  • Buses only take bikes that are packed; taxis take them at an extra cost