Diving near La Palma

An impressive underwater world opens up off the coast of La Palma for divers. In the clean waters of the Atlantic, visibility up to 50 meters is possible. Steep gorges, lava formations with crevices and grottos offer a grandiose backdrop.

Subtropical Diversity of Fish

In the intact subtropical habitats you will find a variety of fish: from small, colorful neon fish to large barracudas, various perch and bream species, moray eels, puffer and boxfish, trigger and trumpet fish and much more. Sometimes you can also see turtles, rays, dolphins or sharks.

Marine Biotopes off La Palma

The largely intact marine biotopes off La Palma also include various coral species, hair and feather stars, gold sponges and anemones. Crevices are often inhabited by ghost crabs or cleaner shrimps. Black coral is found at greater depths (from 30 meters).

Dive spots off La Palma

In front of the southern tip of La Palma, the young volcanic underground has created underwater gardens of black corals, bizarre gorges, arches and abort edges. Here the sea is usually the calmest. Preferred diving areas are the reefs in front of the southern tip: Punta Malpique, Punta Larga or Las Cabras.

Diving and snorkeling paradise

The pleasant water temperatures of at least 18 degrees in winter and up to 25 degrees in summer make diving possible all year round. In small rock bays, you can also observe nice fish like Viejas (parrotfish) while snorkeling.

Multiple dive centers offer qualified dives.

Further providers of dives, equipment and courses can be found in Fuencaliente and Santa Cruz.