Viewpoints (Miradores) on La Palma

On this page, you will find a collection of interesting viewpoints (Miradores) on La Palma. It is worth stopping and enjoying the view.

Mirador de los Andenes (Crater rim Caldera)

You can reach the viewpoint "Mirador de los Andenes" by car along the Caldera high road near the "Roque de los Muchachos". It is recommended to walk for about an hour to several good vantage points on the observatory, the Roque de los Muchachos and the cloudy crater of the Caldera. During the tour from the "Mirador de los Andenes" to the "Degollada de los Franceses", you also pass the legendary rock face "Pared de Roberto".

Mirador de Birigoyo (at El Pilar)

You can reach the viewpoint Birigoyo ("Mirador de Birigoyo") on foot as the first station of the Ruta de los Volcanes if you start from the car park "El Pilar" at the Cumbre in southern direction. The extended viewpoint offers a view over the lava slopes of Birigoyo (1,807 m), the next volcano on the route, the "Montaña la Barquita" (1,811 m), the Caldera and the Cumbre Nueva.


Mirador de las Cabezadas (La Punta)

The Mirador las Cabezadas above the "Mirador El Time" on the way to the "Torre del Time" is a magical place. Here the Guanches have already left rock carvings. From here you can also see the whole community of Tijarafe, from the coast to the Cumbre. The view from up here to the Caldera and to the Aridane valley is unparalleled.

Mirador de la Cancelita (Los Llanos)

The viewpoint "Mirador de la Cancelita" offers a beautiful panoramic view over Los Llanos de Aridane and the Aridane valley as well as the Cumbre. The viewpoint on the mountain "Lomo de Caballo" can be reached by car from Los Llanos: In Los Llanos, take Calle Caldera towards the National Park Caldera until the junction for Calle Cancelita and follow it to the end.

Mirador del Charco (Los Llanos)

Above the lookout point "Mirador de las Indias" at the settlement area of the same name in the southwest of La Palma, if you follow the road further up through light pine forests, you can also enjoy a fantastic view of the gently sloping slopes of Las Indias against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Between here and America there is no country that obscures the view. If you want to enjoy a sundowner, we recommend the bar at the viewpoint.

Mirador Lomo de las Chozas (Cumbrecita)

The "Mirador Lomo de las Chozas" can be reached on foot from the visitor centre of the Caldera de Taburiente National Park (outside El Paso). It is placed on a rock that protrudes into the caldera. From here and from the "Mirador de los Roques", which can be connected by a walk, you have the best view of the Caldera de Taburiente. Parking is available in the Cumbrecita car park.

Mirador de la Concepción (Santa Cruz)

A beautiful view of the city and port of Santa Cruz de la Palma can be enjoyed from the viewpoint "Mirador de la Concepción". You can reach this Mirador by car (or bus) from the road Santa Cruz to Los Llanos or via a small road from the sanctuary Las Nieves above Santa Cruz. From Santa Cruz you can also take a strenuous walk to the lookout point with the little church, where you can also pass the Maroparque. The restaurant "Osmunda" invites you to come for a break.

Mirador de las Deseadas (Cumbre Vieja)

The "Mirador de las Deseadas" is part of the Ruta de los Volcanes and can only be reached on foot. The Mirador offers a fantastic panoramic view. The highest points of the route, the volcanic slopes Deseada I (1951 meters) and Deseada II (1931 meters), the further course of the Ruta to the south as well as in good weather the island El Hierro can be admired from here. An information board presents explanations of the location.

Mirador El Time (La Punta)

On the steep rock face above Puerto de Tazacorte the "Mirador El Time" offers a last view over the southwest of La Palma, the sunny Aridanetal with Tazacorte and Los Llanos deep into the "Barranco de las Angustias" and into the crater bottom of the Caldera. The terrace and restaurant at the vantage point are ideal for a long stop before the road continues north. The Mirador can be reached by car or bus on an upgraded road or on an ascent on foot from Puerto de Tazacorte on one of the old caminos reales (King's Routes).

Mirador Espingón Atravesado (Los Tilos)

This vantage point can only be reached by hiking. It is situated on a rock face above the laurel forests of Los Tilos and offers a good overview of the tropical rocks of the surrounding area, covered with dense greenery. The ascent to "Mirador Espingón Atravesado" can be a highlight while hiking in the laurel forest from Los Tilos or to the springs of Marcos y Corderos.

Mirador del Hoyo Negro (Cumbre Vieja)

The viewpoint "Mirador del Hoyo Megro" can only be reached on foot via the Ruta de los Volcanes. It offers a view of the round crater of Hoyo Negro (1886 meters), which erupted in 1949, and of the neighboring Nambroque vent (1922 meters). A board informs about the eruptions of the surrounding volcanoes.

Mirador La Tosca (Barlovento)

One kilometer from Barlovento in the northeast of La Palma, in the direction of Garafía, is the viewpoint "Mirador La Tosca", from where you can overlook one of the largest dragon tree groves of La Palma at the hamlet La Tosca from the road. Those who want to go down to the dragon trees can do this from here or on a hike.

Mirador Las Indias (Los Llanos)

About the scattered settlement of Las Indias, in the southwest of La Palma, which rises gently over the ocean, you can enjoy a view full of wanderlust from the viewpoint "Mirador Las Indias", especially in the evening when facing the west - where Columbus searched India and found America. Over terraced green fields, land and holiday houses the view wanders towards the sunset.

Mirador Lomo de Tagasaste (Caldera de Taburiente)

This vantage point is practically the first station of the Caldera hiking trail from the "Mirador Los Brecitos". The Mirador "Lomo de Tagasaste" also reveals a view of the volcanic vent "Roque Idafe" in the middle of the wild volcanic basin landscape.

Mirador de los Brecitos (Caldera de Taburiente)

This viewpoint in the northern part of the Caldera de Taburiente is a popular starting point for the hike through the basin. From Los Llanos the "Mirador de los Brecitos" can be reached with an all-terrain vehicle. Rental cars are best parked at the visitor car park. The waiting jeep taxis will take you up the impassable terrain of the "Barranco de las Angustias" to the Mirador. On the way, you cross the course of the Taburiente, which after rain can swell to the raging river, and pass the abandoned village Hacienda de la Cura. The viewpoint offers a fantastic view of the basin of Caldera and the surrounding mountains and the Aridane Valley. Here you get a good foretaste of the beautiful Caldera hike.

Mirador de los Roques (Cumbrecita)

From the viewpoint "Mirador de los Roques" the crater of the Caldera spreads out in front of the observer. This viewpoint can be reached on foot in about 40 minutes from the "Mirador Lomo de Chozas" (Cumbrecita). A combination of both viewpoints can compensate visitors if they are not able to hike to the Caldera.

Mirador de los Matos (Puntagorda)

Like the "Mirador Miraflores", the "Mirador de los Matos" at Puntagorda offers enchanting views of the and insights into the charming landscape of the northwest of La Palma. From here you can enjoy the steep coast of the north. In the north of Puntagorda (past the restaurant "La Brasa") follow the road to Los Matos.

Mirador de Miraflores (Puntagorda)

All around Puntagorda in the northwest of La Palma, there are wonderful views of the lovely hilly landscape, especially during the times when the almonds or numerous flowers bloom. Forests, terraced fields and the sea form a pretty backdrop for scattered country houses and individual villages. The "Mirador de Miraflores" is located above the restaurant "El Pino" and offers, as its name suggests, depending on the season, the view of all kinds of blooming things.

Mirador de la Montaña Cabrita (Cumbre Vieja)

The viewpoint "Mirador de la Montaña Cabrita" in the natural park Cumbre Vieja just before reaching the Volcan San Martin on the Ruta de los Volcanes from north to south offers the view of the red cone of the volcano San Martin as well as the nearby volcanoes Bucara (1553 meters) and Los Faros (1607 meters). The viewpoint concludes the highest sections of the Ruta de los Volcanes. From here to Fuencaliente there are only descents.

Mirador de la Montaña del Molino (Barlovento)

Shortly after leaving Barlovento to the for the towns of Franceses and Gallegos, there is a dirt road leading to the "Mirador de la Montaña del Molino", from where, in good weather, you can enjoy a beautiful view of these small towns and the

Mirador San Bartolomé (Puntallana)

The viewpoint "Mirador San Bartolomé" with its 17th-century chapel is located above the hamlet of La Galga of Puntallana in the northeast of La Palma. From here you can enjoy a great view of the green gorges "Barranco de la Galga" and "Barranco de la Fuente", which can be explored on various hikes. When the weather is good, the coast can be easily seen.

Mirador de Puerto Naos (Puerto Naos)

Right on the road to Puerto Naos, before the first serpentine, this little-noticed Mirador offers a great view over Puerto Naos, La Bombilla and the coast to El Remo. When the weather is good, there is also a beautiful view of El Hierro.