La Palma - Tours

To get a first impression of the beauty and diversity of La Palma, it is a good idea to explore the island by car. As a suggestion, we have put together three-day trips. For the sake of clarity, all tours start in Los Llanos.


The North of La Palma

>>Los Llanos - Tijarafe - Puntagorda - Barlovento - St. Cruz - Los Llanos

This full day car tour starts and ends, like the other two recommended tours, in Los Llanos de Aridane. From the city center, you first drive through Argual towards "Mirador El Tilme" and Tijarafe. On the way, we cross the banana plantations around Tazacorte, but do not turn off to the coast at Puerto de Tazacorte, but follow the winding mountain road over the "Barranco de las Angustias" up to the viewpoint "El Time". From here, a wide view opens up to the Aridane valley, the west coast and the Caldera.

Blooming Landscape around Puntagorda

Continue on the narrower LP-1 towards Tijarafe, where you will find a small road, there are well-kept small villages and lush vegetation in front gardens and on terraced fields and hills. In Tijarafe, the church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria is particularly worth seeing. Continuing on to Puntagorda, you will pass the "Barranco de Garome" and pass the striking Dragon tree of El Roque. Around Puntagorda the landscape is very beautiful with its many fruit and almond trees, especially of course in spring when they are in bloom.

Through the Wild North of La Palma

Continuing on LP-1, you will cross the wild north of the island with many rewarding vantage points. In the weather corner of La Palma, Barlovento, you can stop for a swim in the natural swimming pools of La Fajana in calm weather. Via Los Sauces, you continue along the coastal road to Puntallana with the "Mirador San Bartolomé" and through Santa Cruz and the tunnel at El Paso back to Los Llanos. Depending on how many stops have already been made on the route, in Santa Cruz you may be only time to park the car and go for a short walk along the sea promenade or into the old town. To visit the city, an extra day tour is recommended.


The South of La Palma

>Los Llanos - St. Cruz - Mazo - Fuencaliente - Los Llanos

From Los Llanos, take the LP-2 to El Paso, stopping at the Caldera Visitor Centre and heading up to the Cumbrecita vantage point. Through the tunnel and over the viewpoint "Mirador de la Concepción" we continue to Santa Cruz, where this tour may leave time for a refreshment stop in the old town or a swim at the protected beach of Los Cancajos.

Fuencaliente and La Palma's recent volcanoes

Via Breña Baja and Villa de Mazo, (who wants, with a stop at the Guanchen site "Cueva de Belmaco") we continue through light pine forests on the LP-1 to Fuencaliente. Here you should plan a lot of time to visit the Volcan San Antonio with its visitor center and the youngest volcano of the Canary Islands, the Teneguía. Depending on the time, you can then continue to the saltworks and the lighthouse of Fuencaliente, where you will find the Sea Reserve Information Centre, or you can stop at the sunny beach of Playa Nuev. After Los Llanos, you simply follow the coastal road. On your way home you will find the cactus garden "Palmex Cactus" at the end of El Paso.


The Tallest Mountain of La Palma

>>Los Llanos - St. Cruz - Roque de los Muchachos - Puntagorda - Los Llanos

On this car tour, you circle as much of the Caldera as is possible with a car. Those who want to experience the highest mountains of La Palma in one day on this tour, first drive from Los Llanos via El Paso, the tunnel and Santa Cruz up the LP-4 in the direction of "Pico de la Nieve". In windy heights above the clouds, the road swings up the slopes of the Caldera. The crater rim offers impressive views over the whole island, the crater and the surrounding mountains.

Viewpoints and Observatory

Via the "Mirador de los Andenes" you reach the observatory at the "Roque de los Muchachos", which is worth taking a photo at any time of the day. Unfortunately, it can only be admired from the outside except for a few open days in midsummer. The atmosphere alone has something of a last stop before space. If you continue to follow the crater road, you can enjoy the height you have covered and the views to the west - and the curves! You return to Los Llanos via the lovely landscape around Puntagorda and Tijarafe as well viewpoint "El Time".