Leisurely Activities on La Palma

Leisure activities on La Palma are almost without exception connected with an intense experience of nature. After an extended hike, during which the lungs fill with clean air and the scents of the flowers and the forest, the sea invites you for a refreshing swim.

Whether on bike or horseback...

By bike or on horseback you will go on a nature-loving discovery tour and still have time to linger and enjoy unforgettable sea views or an impressive mountain panorama.

...in the air, underwater, underground...

La Palma can be explored not only from the ground but also from the sky with a paraglider, from the water with a diving suit or from inside on a cave exploration. These activities allow you to experience the island in all its beauty.
Sailors will find two marinas and appreciate the area very much, as can be seen from the annual regattas. Canoeing is also possible when the swell is calm. La Palma is, however, only a limited holiday destination for both sports.

...or on artificial turf, hard pitch & Co.

There are possibilities to play tennis. Although a golf course has been planned for years, it has not yet been built. For night owls there are more suitable holiday destinations, although La Palma also offers some bars and opportunities for dancing.