La Palma - Travelling with Pets

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring pets with you in the accommodations we offer.

Pet Passport, Rabies Certificate, Microchip

Already for the entry, you need a pet passport, in which name, age, race, sex and identification number of the animal are noted. A valid rabies certificate from a veterinarian is required. Dogs and cats must be identifiable by tattoo or microchip. If these conditions are not met, the animals are quarantined at the airport (four months) or returned at the expense of the pet owner.

Bringing Animals Home from La Palma

Protected animal and plant species may not be exported from La Palma according to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

For dogs and cats from La Palma, you must present the same papers as for the import of your pets from Germany. In principle, the regulations and fee regulations of the respective airline must be followed. Dogs and cats must be carried in special transport baskets.

Please also consider the following in the interest of the animals: If animals are accommodated in the dark, cold transport room of the airplane, this can be a traumatizing experience.