How to get to La Palma

Direct flights from Germany

In addition to Condor, easyJet and Eurowings now also offer direct flights from various airports. However, offers vary from season to season, availability and prices vary greatly, but in general, these rules apply: the earlier you book, the more choices you have and the cheaper it is. However, the prices often change within a very short time frame - unfortunately, they mostly become more expensive. In addition, the flights are marketed through various providers. From our point of view, it is most pleasant and safest to book the flights either directly with the airline or through one of the traditional tour operators such as Thomas Cook or Schauinsland Reisen.

Arrival via Spain

Since the various airlines usually only fly once a week per departure airport, the number of flight options remains quite manageable. In many cases, the flights do not fit in the holiday periods or the individual holiday planning. With a daily connection from Madrid to La Palma, Iberia offers a more complicated and time-consuming possibility. But one should pay attention exactly to the indicated flight duration.

Interesting are the connections with 6,5 to 8 hours of travel time. Those with +1, thus with an onward flight on the next day, are only something for travel enthusiasts. The earlier you book, the more choice you have and the cheaper it is.

Under certain circumstances, you will also find what you are looking for at Vueling. The airline offers flights via Barcelona in cooperation with Iberia. But not on every day and not every season.

Arrival via the other Canary Islands

Those who are not under much time pressure or could not find any other flight possibility should check whether an arrival via Tenerife or Gran Canaria is possible. There are considerably more flights to both islands.

On Tenerife, the flights from Germany arrive at the airport Tenerife/South. The onward journey can take place with Binter Canarias, the Canaryfly or the Air Europa from Tenerife/North. A transfer time of 3, to 4 hours must be taken into account but there is a direct bus connection between the airports. The buses run several times a day. If the departure times do not fit into your schedule, you can also take the normal bus via Santa Cruz de Tenerife. But be careful! If you book a flight separately, you are not entitled to transportation if you miss the connection due to flight time changes.

Gran Canaria has the advantage that the airport does not have to be changed. Sufficient transfer time should also be taken into account here because of possible changes in flight times. The flight time is approximately twice as long and the airfare almost twice as high as from Tenerife to La Palma.


From Tenerife/South you can also take the ferry to La Palma. The ferry port of Los Christianos is about a quarter of an hour by taxi from Tenerife/South. The ferries usually depart around 18 or 19 o'clock, so that your time of arrival is about 22:30 on La Palma. On La Palma, the ferry starts in the morning around 6 o'clock, so that one has to plan a more or less long stay on Tenerife depending on the flight connection. The exact departure times can be found on the websites of the ferry companies.

Direct flights from the EU

There are currently flights from London and Manchester with Thomson (TUI) and easyJet, Amsterdam with Transavia and TUI fly Netherlands and Brussels with TUI fly Belgium

A detour via London-Gatwick or Amsterdam may also be considered as an alternative way to get to the airport. 

Flights from Zurich

Edelweiss Air is offering flights from Zurich to La Palma from 28.10.2018 to 24.03.2019.

With your own car via ship

With enough time you can also travel to La Palma with your own car. In this case, it is advisable to travel by boat from Cadiz. This journey is by far the most expensive and most time-consuming of all.