La Palma - La Isla Bonita, the most beautiful of the Canary Islands!

La Palma offers you the opportunity to enjoy life all year round. The climate is mild and pretty little towns, beaches and unforgettable natural impressions offer something for everyone. Whether you are a hiker, a family on a beach holiday, fleeing from a harsh winter, or civilization in general, searching for peace and relaxation, or you are a socialite with a desire for the Spanish fiesta culture, La Palma offers something for everyone.

Use our information pages to get in the mood for some relaxing days by informing yourself about the fauna and flora, and the country or people of La Palma. Learn about volcanoes, history, economy or handicrafts on this beautiful island.

Life and festivities on La Palma

The people of La Palma like to celebrate and are family orientated. They are not always in a hurry like most of the Central Europeans and there must always be time for a chat with the neighbors, whether at the post office or bank counter, at the supermarket checkout or in the car in the middle of the street. On weekends, the whole family goes to a country restaurant or to a snack bar on the beach or to a picnic area. Young and old celebrate together, loud and cheerfully. Those who adjust to it and possibly know a little bit of Spanish will have a lot of fun with the relaxed way of the people on La Palma and will have no problem to ask someone for information or help. A friendly request usually gets you further than a harsh warning or a tantrum when something doesn't work out the way it should. As a tourist, you won’t feel excluded at one of the numerous festivals; on the contrary, everyone is welcome to celebrate. In the churches and on the processions, certain respect to the religious feelings of the people of La Palma should be paid, even if you do not share them yourself.