Living on La Palma

After one or more fantastic holidays on La Palma, many visitors have the desire to emigrate here: either immediately or later to retire.

Living without stress

The mild, moderate weather, the possibility to experience a fantastic and yet somehow familiar nature, the healthy climate of La Palma and the fresh air make La Palma the ideal destination for many people to live a long life without stress and with a high quality of life. If you know some Spanish this step may be even easier for you. In fact, a good infrastructure, also supported by German residents, has developed in the meantime that makes a residence for a longer period of time pleasant.

Living and working on La Palma

Although La Palma, as part of Spain and the EU, is in principle a place of free movement and legal security for European foreigners, there are still many areas of daily life that are not initially thought of and where good advice from a La Palma specialist is needed. This is especially the case when it comes to real estates, building a house or working on La Palma. On the following pages, you will find initial information about living on La Palma.