La Palma - Travelling with Children

La Palma - Travelling with children

A holiday on La Palma with children is very possible, but not always uncomplicated. Instead of a pool landscape and animation program, the island offers a lot of adventures, especially for older children: wave hopping, discovering geckos, exploring the Guanchen or trotting along the volcano crater by camel.

Bird Park, Zoo, Climbing Park and the Sea

Facilities like the pretty little zoo Maroparque in Breña Alta or the climbing park "Acropark Canarias" in Breña Baja offer variety to the swimming and hiking.

Apartments allow families to be self-sufficient

A stay in an apartment is very family friendly, especially in the seaside resorts Puerto Naos, Puerto de Tazacorte or Los Cancajos. In Puerto Naos the coconut trees provide shade, many apartments are located directly on the beach and a black sandcastle is something different! Also, the beaches of Playa Zamora and Charco Verde, even the natural water basin Charco Azul in the northern San Andres y Sauces are suitable for swimming stays with children.

With babies on La Palma

Baby food is available in pharmacies, diapers in supermarkets. In Puerto de Tazacorte, but also in many other places on the island, the children meet in the evening at the central local playground.

From Volcanoes, Guanche Caves and Jungle Hikes

The young volcanic area of Teneguía and the well-equipped visitor centers on the island, which provide information on vegetation, geology, volcanology, and caving, are of particular interest to children of primary school age. Simple, shorter walks, such as the one to the Guanchen Cave of Buracas, the Barranco de Agua or the Cumbre of El Pilar to the Reventon Pass, are also possible to do for children. The numerous picnic places visited by local families on weekends, especially in La Palma's north, can also be used during the week by tourists as a destination for excursions into nature.