Company portrait - Elke Janke Reisen GmbH

Elke Janke Reisen is a family business that has successfully rented villas, fincas, holiday houses and holiday apartments on La Palma since 1985.

Elke Janke Reisen has always been known for customer-friendly advice, seriousness, and honesty in the description of holiday homes and apartments and has been able to win a large number of satisfied and regular customers over the years.

The employees of Elke Janke Reisen actively support our customers in their travel planning. They advise competently with the selection of suitable holiday accommodation. With the brokering of flights and rental cars as cheap as possible, they assist our customers with our market overview and experience.

How Elke Janke Reisen came to be

It began in the early 80s with a holiday apartment in a small apartment complex in southern Tenerife, which the company founders Hartmut and Elke Janke let to holidaymakers in times when they did not use it themselves. In conversations with other residents of the complex, they recognized the demand for cheap flights. Repeatedly they were asked if they would like to offer other apartments as well. This gave rise to the idea of founding a small holiday home for rent as a supplementary occupation.

The holiday home rental developed fast and became Hartmut's and Elke Janke's main occupation. In 1984 holiday houses on Lanzarote were added to the apartments on Tenerife. At the end of 1984, the company founders got to know La Palma and spontaneously fell in love with the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. Thus "La Palma, the most beautiful of the Canary Islands" became the slogan of Elke Janke Reisen for many years.

When Hartmut and Elke Janke started renting holiday homes and apartments on La Palma in 1985, there were hardly any other providers of accommodation on La Palma. Almost at the same time, Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. opened its doors in Los Llanos as a property manager. This was the beginning of a good and intensive cooperation, which still exists today.

As one of the first holiday home providers in La Palma, they gave individual tourism in La Palma a major boost. Even today, you can still find practices and structures in many areas of holiday home rental that can be traced back to Elke Janke Reisen. 

In 1993 Elke Janke Reisen was transformed into a limited company with Elke Janke as managing director, based in Offenbach am Main. The son of the managing director joined the company in 1996 and has been responsible for advising and renting holiday accommodation in Berlin ever since. Since 2008, the grandson of the company founder has also been actively involved in the family business.