La Palma - Climbing

There are only two difficult climbing spots on La Palma: the Barranco de la Madera at the church of Las Nieves (about 70 routes) and the rock needles of Tajuya in El Paso (13 routes). For abseiling in ravines, we recommend the Marcos y Cordero ravine in El Canal y Los Tilos, the Barranco de las Grajas (accessible via the Roque de los Muchachos) and the Barranco de Fagundo in the north. Climbing equipment is available in Los Canarios and Puntagorda.

Climbing without preparation is life-threatening

But we would like to point out that it is not advisable to just climb around on La Palma apart from these spots. This is even extremely dangerous. The lava slopes give way in many places, and those who start to slide will be doomed by the big differences in altitude in the mountains of La Palma. After longer rainfalls as well as suddenly, landslides can occur on La Palma again and again. The rock is loose and piles up steeply. In 2003, an avalanche was triggered at Playa Nueva, in 2005 a wall at Charco Verde gave way. Therefore, climbing tours, but also hikers, always need to be careful of steep slopes.

When climbing through gorges, one should wear a good helmet, as small stones can come loose at any time.

Acropark high ropes course

If you want to climb the high ropes course first, the Acropark Canarias (adventure climbing park) in the municipality Breña Baja, opened in 2011, offers three courses with different levels of difficulty, the highest 2.50 to 7 meters high.