La Palma - Culinary delights


Despite many different influences, La Palma's cuisine has remained down-to-earth. The gofio goes back to the ancient Canarians, roasted cereal flour, which is still on the table today in various variations. More than meat (chicken, rabbit, kid), fish and seafood play a prominent role. Parrotfish (vieja), hake (merluza), sole (lenguado), gilthead, tuna, calamari, lobster, mussels, giant crabs (gambas) and limpets (lapas) are particularly popular (most commonly grilled).

Papas Arrugadas - Wrinkled Potatoes

The typical wrinkled potatoes (papas arrugadas) cooked in salted water and eaten with peel are accompanied by green or red mojo, a spice paste whose preparation looks a little different for each restaurant owner.

Popular appetizers are chicharrones (roasted bacon rolled in gofio). But also tapas (different starters) like on the Spanish mainland are available in many restaurants. Soups such as chickpea soup (garbanzas) or smoked goat cheese (queso blanco) are also popular as starters. The Yams root is less common in restaurants but is eaten by the locals.

Bienmesabe and Other Desserts

Since La Palma was once a sugar cane island, the selection of desserts, especially those based on almonds, is particularly rich. Bienmesabe, rapaduras de gofio, queso de almendras or caramel pudding (flan) are popular calorie bombs. Many Spanish (paella, zarzuela, tortilla) and South American specialties (tacos, fajitos, arepas etc.) have found their way into Palmeric restaurants and snack bars.


Wines and Fruit Juices

For drinking, we recommend a large selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices as well as island wines from twelve officially approved wineries. In addition to red, white and rosé wines, the famous Malvasia wine, a fruity dessert wine, is still in demand as a specialty. When buying wine, the note "La Palma. Denominación de Origen" on the label. The wines from the north of the island are often fermented in wooden barrels made of tee wood, the resinous interior wood of the Canary pine. Therefore, they often have a resinous taste.

Beer, Rum, Liqueur

For the beer, visitors can choose between the brands "Dorada" and "Tropical" brewed on the island and various imported beers. By the way, mineral water from the Caldera tastes excellent. A sip of coffee liqueur from Tazacorte, orange, medlar or mulberry liqueur is guaranteed to be authentic. Besides the island products Ron del Puerto and Ron de Aldea from San Andres y Sauces, La Palma also offers a wide selection of first-class Caribbean rum and cognacs.

Cafe Cortado to Carajillo

For breakfast or after eating, a cafe solo (espresso), cafe con leche (latte), cafe cortado (espresso with sweetened canned milk), cafe leche con leche (with milk and sweetened canned milk), or carajillo (with cognac) is recommended.