Folklore on La Palma

Traditional costumes are worn at numerous festivals and processions. Especially small children like to wear traditional costumes. Each region of La Palma has its own costume. There are festive costumes (made of silk and other precious fabrics) and working costumes reminiscent of the work clothes of the past, with up to three skirts for the ladies. The uppermost skirt is often aproned to show the lower ones as well, sometimes a skirt is worn around the shoulders and head (Tapada).

White embroidered blouses, colorful waistcoats, silk scarves, and straw hats are part of the women's costumes, which vary from region to region. In the past, the more water (and therefore the richer) the area had, the more precious the traditional costume, the more often silk fabrics are used in the north of La Palma, while in the south (although richly embroidered) cotton is used.