La Palma - The Original North

The remote north of La Palma begins behind Barlovento, a windy and rainy village with a peculiar wilderness. The small, often deserted hamlets with their old fincas and small churches on cliffy ledges seem almost forgotten. Barranco's sprawling vegetation separates the villages and the roads are narrow, winding and steep. Here the signature of the nature (Flora and Fauna) of La Palma is clearly visible. Whole groves of Dragon trees have been preserved at El Tablado near Garafia where goats populate the slopes.

The presence of the last Guanchen (aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands.) can still be felt with your hands at the place of their rock paintings. The scattered places of Gallegos and Franceses bear witness to former immigrants from Galicia and France. Don Pedro and El Tablado are also remote. Life here is simple and arduous but close to nature.