La Palma - Hiking Tours

To whet your appetite, we have selected three hiking tours of various levels of difficulty, but all with a high adventure factor for you:

Our hiking recommendations and hiking tips will help you with your first choice of a hiking route. The hiking trails are signposted and usually easy to find. For the trekking, you should pay attention to the partly necessary permissions, e.g. for the overnight stay on the camping site in the Caldera.

1. Cubo de la galga

To experience the magic of La Palma's north on foot, this easy 12.5-kilometer tour offers a good start. From Puntallana in the northeast of La Palma, it goes on a round trip through the Gorge of La Galga with its enchanting Laurel forests back to Puntallana.

2. La Ruta de las galerias

This hike starts at the viewpoint of La Cumbrecita and passes some water tunnels, which show us how laboriously the acquisition of drinking water was till today because underground water resources in the mountains are "tapped" through such tunnels. The hike of seven kilometers is moderately difficult and offers breathtaking views of gorges, rock formations and wild forests in about five hours.

3. La Ruta de los volcanes

This classic hiking tour requires a certain amount of stamina in its full length, but can also be stopped prematurely if you return on the same route. Starting from the Refugio el Pilar car park, you walk along the volcanic ridge of La Palma, the island's weather divide. It goes over lava heaps, ash fields, craters, and impressive lava formations and offers fantastic views over the southern half of La Palma. There are no places to stop for refreshments along the whole route. Endpoints of the route are Los Canarios and the recent volcanoes San Antonio and Teneguía. The complete route is 30 kilometers (walking time about 9 hours).

Details and over a hundred other hiking tours can be found in the relevant hiking guides and in the brochures of the Patronato de Turismo of La Palma.