Working on La Palma

The better you speak Spanish, the more jobs you can get. If you don't want to clean up, you should at least be able to communicate in Spanish at a conversation level. Craftsmen have the chance to get their first jobs from other German real estate owners. Contact with other German residents, also through our local contact office, can open the first doors. If you have to have a vocational qualification recognized in Spain, you need a certification according to the so-called Hague Postille.

Spanish Bank Account

If you want to earn money in La Palma and open a Spanish account, you will need an identification number for foreigners (Número de identificación de extranjero - NIE), which must be applied for officially (Unidad de Extranjería en Santa Cruz de La Palma, Avenida Marítima, 2, 38700 - Santa Cruz de la Palma, Tel. 922 993 004). Knowledge of Spanish is a great advantage, and often necessary! Self-employed people register their business with the tax office. Employees, as well as self-employed people, must be registered with the Spanish Social Security with their identification number. For employees, this is done by the employer.

Work independently on La Palma

You can work on La Palma either independently ("cuenta propria") or employed ("cuenta ajena"). Working independently has become increasingly difficult in recent years since vocational training has been introduced for car mechanics, locksmiths or carpenters, fewer permits are issued for these crafts.

Employed work on La Palma

Whoever is employed must enclose the employment contract with the resident's application. If you receive your salary in Spain, you should also enter the Spanish social insurance system in addition to taxation in Spain. Only those who receive their money from abroad may pay tax and insure themselves there (double taxation agreement). Moving goods and imported cars are regarded as merchandise in Spain and are subject to customs clearance.

The job search on La Palma is often more difficult than at home. The language problems are compounded by the current high level of unemployment in Spain. As a result, there is less job available and those with no specialization exhibits or special entrepreneurial skill, it will not have it easy to find work on La Palma.