Real estate purchase on La Palma

Real estate on La Palma is not as cheap as it used to be. In recent years there have been some changes in the Spanish government's laws that potential property owners should be aware of. So before you buy a house on La Palma, you should rent it for a longer period of time. You will find out if you feel comfortable on La Palma in the winter, make contacts and gather thorough information about really good residential areas.

Rent first

The easiest way to find a rental apartment for long-term rent is during a holiday on location. The classifieds of the island magazine Correo del Valle can also help you with your search.

Buying property made easy

If you decide to buy real estate, you should contact one of the local estate agents, such as the company Palminvest S.L., who will also help you with the bureaucratic requirements associated with buying a house or apartment. We are happy to help you with the first contact.