Excursion Tip La Palma: Los Tilos

Tip 1

Los Tilos: Short hike through a jungle canyon with a waterfall

The fact that the most beautiful hikes on la Palma do not necessarily have to be the most difficult is proven by this one hour hike from the visitor center Los Tilos through the impressive Barranco del Agua that narrows down to two meters. For the start, one goes back the road approximately 100 meters from the visitor center and turns right before the left curve onto a path that leads alongside a water channel. From here you can continue either through the canal bed of Barranco or through a tunnel (bring a torch!).

One artificial and One Real Waterfall

After a few minutes, you reach the place where an artificial waterfall used to operate in the summer months, the "Cascada de los Tilos". If it is not in use and the Barranco does not carry too much water, the hike can be continued up the river bed, partly via slippery climbing sections between excitingly narrow canyon walls, up to an impressive rock basin in front of a ten-meter high rock face with a natural waterfall. The many stone figures contribute to the magical atmosphere in the cauldron. Due to the danger of falling rocks, this short hike is not recommended after long rains.

insider tips:

  1. Los Tilos: Short hike through the jungle gorge with a waterfall
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