Excursion Tip La Palma: Tandem Jump (Puerto Naos)

In Puerto Naos, the Palmaclub offers tandem paragliding flights for the curious who want to experience La Palma from the air together with an experienced instructor. It is decided on a daily basis, depending on the weather, which routes can be flown, so registration can also be made on the same day at the Palmaclub office (kiosco "Playa Morena" on the beach promenade of Puerto Naos) on the same day.

If you would like to fly with us, you should be healthy, bring sturdy shoes and a jacket if necessary. The short flight from the starting point on the cliff 240 meters directly over Puerto Naos to the beach takes only 5 to 15 minutes. If you want to float a little longer in the air, you can start from the starting point "Campanarios" above the village Jedey (foot ascent on the last 50 meters) at the flank of the volcano of the same name and float for 15-30 minutes down to the beach of Puerto Naos. The organizers will take care of the organization of the four-wheel drive and give information about the wind and weather conditions as well as a short briefing.

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