Excursion Tip La Palma: Snorkeling in Playa de la Zamora

In the southwest of La Palma, about 200 meters from Playa Chica and accessible by a stone staircase, lie the two black sandy, natural beaches "Zamora Grande" and "Zamora Chica", framed by offshore rock islands. Shortly before the Hotel Princess, a road leads to the two beaches. If you want to snorkel here, you will find a variety of fish worth seeing in the marine reserve. Caution is advised in rough weather, and when the 150-meter long beach is closed due to the danger of falling rocks. For refreshment, a kiosk offers fresh fish dishes and an unforgettable view of the sea.

Insider tips:

  1. Los Tilos: Short hike through the jungle gorge with a waterfall
  2. Glassblowing "Artefuego" (Argual)
  3. Restaurant Enriclai, Santa Cruz
  4. Restaurant Chipi Chipi (near Santa Cruz)
  5. Bar La Parada, Los Canarios
  6. Acropark Canarias (High Ropes Course)
  7. Snorkeling at the Playas Las Zamoras
  8. Tandem flies (Puerto Naos)
  9. Diving site Las Cabras