The Municipality of Breña Alta on La Palma

The green, fertile valley around Breña Alta can easily be seen from the viewpoint "Mirador de la Concepción" above Santa Cruz, from where you can also see Breña Baja, Mazo, the bay of Santa Cruz and the coast of Puntallana when the weather is fine. The most beautiful palm groves on La Palma can be found in the districts of Buena Vista, El Porvenir and Miranda. A tour by mountain bike along the main road from San Pedro to Mazo, for example, is very attractive: here many palms and dragon trees grow.

In the area around Breña Alta, many agricultural products are cultivated, including tobacco. In Breña Alta the cigars puros palmeros are still made and sold by hand. On the 29th of June the festival in honour of the patron saint San Pedro takes place, on the 3rd of May, the "Fiesta de la Cruz", which is especially celebrated here, in Breña Baja and Santa Cruz.