The Municipality of El Paso on La Palma

El Paso, the largest municipality on the island in terms of area, is located in the upper Aridane Valley. The municipality of El Paso is the geographical owner of the Caldera de Taburiente. However, the water available there is traditionally private property. Livestock and agriculture, together with a growing commercial sector, are the main sources of income for the municipality. El Paso's soils are predominantly dry.

Large areas are overgrown with almond trees, which offer a beautiful sight during the flowering season in January and February. Mulberry trees and opuntia, which were planted in the past for silkworms and cochineal lice, complete the landscape around El Paso.

Since 2002, El Paso has also houses the silk museum (museo de la seda) "Taller de las Hilanderas" and, just above the city, Caldera-Visitor Centre.