The Municipality of Tijarafe on La Palma

"Tijarafe" means "place of freshness and shade" in the language of the ancient Canarians. Bananas, avocados, fruit trees and vegetables are cultivated on the coast and at medium altitudes. The municipality of Tijarafe (almost 3,000 inhabitants in eight districts) also includes the Cueva Bonita ("beautiful cave") on the rugged cliffs, which can only be reached by boat from Puerto de Tazacorte. It overlooks a small beach. Tijarafe has the highest proportion of foreigners on La Palma with 16.4 percent, mainly thanks to the settlement of many German craftsmen, artists and self-sufficient people who put an end to the population decline due to emigration.

Fresh nature and fantastic views in Tijarafe

The two viewpoints "Mirador El Time" (view of the Aridane valley) and "Hoya Grande" (view of the Caldera deTaburiente) are among the scenic highlights of the Tijarafe region.

An insider tip is the "Mirador Las Cabezadas", which is located above the Mirador El Time on the way to the Torre del Time.

TThe nature reserve "Barranco del Jurado" is located in a canyon with vertical walls. In the middle of the steep terrain are endemic plants and endangered bird species like the Caldera crow (red feet, red bill).