The Municipality of Puntallana on La Palma

Puntallana, a scattered settlement made up of five districts over nine hills, offers visitors the sight of a gentle terraced landscape. Only a few fields are still used for agriculture today, wherein the past grain was cultivated here for gofio. In Tenagua is the largest collection of endemic euphorbias (candelabra milk plants) in La Palma. Those who continue up the mountain will enjoy a great view of Santa Cruz. In the chapel "Santa Lucía" which is surrounded by palm trees, Flemish carvings from the 17th century can be admired.

Romantic wild beach Nogales

On the coast below the district "El Granel" the beach "Nogales" with its fine black sand extends with 400 m length in front of the scenery of an impressive steep coast. The legend of the "Salto del enamorado" ("Death Jump of the Lover") takes place here.
Visitors can only go down to the beach by foot. Around noon the beach is in the shade. Because of strong currents, it is not harmless for swimming. The way to the beach is signposted from the place Puntallana.

Evergreen laurel forest in La Galga

In the district "La Galga", five kilometers from Puntallana, there are several bakeries with traditional sweets in addition to a popular excursion restaurant with a vantage point. The "Cubo de La Galga", a thousand-year-old laurel forest, is impressive because of its evergreen springs. The high mountains hold the "sea of clouds", which provides humidity here.