The Municipality of Tazacorte on La Palma

The municipality of Tazacorte is La Palma's smallest municipality in terms of area. It stretches from the end of the Barranco de Las Angustias gorge to the town of Las Hoyas. It has the largest fishing port of La Palma in Puerto de Tazacorte. Several attempts to establish ferry connections from here to the neighboring islands have failed.

Already during the journey through the banana plantations, past the old buildings of the plantation owners, you can smell the palmeric country air because Tazacorte boasts the best soil for banana plantations. Lots of sun and water do the rest. The community, which is practically surrounded by banana plantations, has two centers that protrude from this green sea: the harbor and the actual city.

The importance of bananas for Tazacorte is also reflected in the cuisine. Special dishes such as "polines", green bananas cooked in the shell with mojo, bear witness to this. Tazacorte is also known for its liqueurs ("mistletoes") and fruit ice cream.