Breña Alta - La Palma

Breña Alta is located 300 meters south of Santa Cruz and has grown to over 7,000 inhabitants. San Pedro is the administrative center of this residential area with its gardens, villas and eight different hamlets, which is also appreciated by many German residents. Here you can find not only the church of the same name from the 16th century (baroque altar, ceramic basin, in which allegedly the first old Canarians) and a lively plaza lined by young dragon trees but also the center of the Palmese cigar production with many small cigar workshops.


On the road to Santa Cruz, there is the Maroparque with about 100 animal species from all over the world. In the San Isidro district, there is a tobacco museum (El Sitio) and two 15-meter-high twin dragon trees, the age of which is often puzzled over. Legend has it that they were planted by a lady with whom two brothers were in love. Both were so unhappy that they sought death together. In memory of them, the lady planted the two Dragos and poured them with the blood of the brothers.