Las Manchas - La Palma

Las Manchas is the common name for the districts Jedey, San Nicolás, Las Manchas de abajo and Paraíso and lies above Puerto Naos. It is "embraced" by the solidified lava flow of the volcano San Juan, which buried the fertile landscape under itself in 1949. Here the big forest fire of 2009 raged particularly wild. Bit by bit, the "spots" ("manchas") gaps in the gigantic lava tongue become agriculturally usable again, especially for viticulture.

Plaza Glorieta and Wine Museum

The Plaza Glorieta in the district of Las Manchas de abajo, decorated with animal and plant mosaics by the Palmeric artist Luis Morera (a pupil of César Manrique), and the Wine museum 20 meters from the Plaza are worth a visit. The "Bodegón Tamanca" in a cave just before San Nicolas is the most original restaurant in La Palma, where you can also taste and buy wine from La Palma. San Nicolás, which in 1949 was spared the lava flow by only a hair's breadth, celebrates at the beginning of September the "Saint Maria Fatima" in thanks a rushing folk festival with meat, wine and gofio.