Breña Baja - La Palma

Like Breña Alta, Breña Baja has become a popular residential suburb of the capital Santa Cruz de la Palma. Those who want to stay here as a tourist should take a rental car because of the poor accessibility of many holiday homes by public transport.

Dragon trees, palm groves, sandy beaches

The formerly small village of Breña Baja with its palm trees and dragon trees used to live from agriculture. Even today, dragon trees and palm groves can be admired along the road between the two breñas and in the districts of Socorro and Zumacal. Los Cancajos, a tourist town with protected black sandy beaches, hotels and apartments, is also part of the administrative district.

Fiesta de la Cruz and Santa Anna

The small church of San Pedro ( built in 1505) in the district of San José, the administrative center of the municipality, is probably the oldest in La Palma. Like Breña Alta and Santa Cruz, Breña Baja celebrates the Fiesta de la Cruz (3 May) with particular splendor. Here, too, there are workshops for the best puros palmeros. In the district, San Antonio ("La Chatita") art lovers get their money's worth.

Every year at the end of July, San José celebrates a folk festival in honor of the community's patron saint, Anna, at which residents dressed in traditional costumes offer Canarian food and agricultural products.

An excursion over the local mountain of the Breñas is a great experience, especially in spring. The top of the old volcanic cone (picnic area, information center) can be reached on foot or by car. From here you can see the whole valley of the Breñas and Mazo all the way to the coast.