Mazo (Villa de Mazo) - La Palma

The main settlement of the municipality of Mazo, called Villa de Mazo or "El Pueblo", is a center of handicrafts. In 1968 a School of Arts and Crafts (Escuela de Artesanía) was founded here, which preserves this tradition from oblivion. Right next door, in the Centro de Artesanía, the products can be bought. Also worth seeing are the Iglesia San Blas with a splendid baroque altar, a Mudejar coffered ceiling, statues and paintings by Flemish artists from the 16th century and the magnificent double museum Casa Roja (exhibitions on Corpus Christi and embroidery).

Farmer's market in Mazo

Every weekend in El Mazo, in a two-story hall next to the school of arts and crafts, there is a famous farmers' market where exotic homemade jams, Palmeric wines, mojos and arts, and crafts products are sold at reasonable prices.

Fiestas in Mazo

Famous is the Fiesta de San Blas, the patron saint of El Mazo, the municipal festival on 18 March with Canarian wrestling, the festival of the Holy Cross and in November the traditional celebration of San Martin. Then the new wine is tasted in every bodega. On the occasion of Corpus Christi (June), the streets of the city center are transformed into artistic carpets of flowers, mosses and lava sand, which are trodden down by the procession on the feast day.