Garafía - La Palma

Santo Domingo de Garafía, as the widely scattered place is officially called, in the outermost northwest of La Palma, has only 2.000 inhabitants and appears very tranquil. In winter, trade wind clouds often cover the area in a damp fog. Many inhabitants emigrated from here. The development of turismo rural is supposed to help here.

Legend of the hero Baltasar Martín from Garafía

The Plaza Baltasar Martín is named after a local hero who, with his peasants, was able to fend off attacking pirates with scythes and flails. Unfortunately, he himself was accidentally beaten to death by a monk. In the church "Nuestra Señora de la Luz" there is a coffered ceiling in the Mudejar style and a baroque altar. An ethnographic museum has opened only irregularly. On the 5th of January, a mystery play is performed in Garafía on the occasion of the Three Wise Men.

Guanchen settlements La Zarza, La Zarzita

From the Punta de Santo Domingo below the village, you have a breathtaking view of the rugged, steep rocky coast and the offshore islets. On foot, you can even reach the small, sea-trodden "port" of Garafía, which the locals use for fishing and swimming. Around Garafía, the Guanches had one of their most important settlement areas with many residential caves and could live here longer than elsewhere undisturbed by the Spanish conquerors. Not far from Garafía, near La Zarza and La Zarzita, they left behind an extraordinary number of rock paintings. There is also a visitor center with a museum.
In the Barranco de Buracas and in the Barranco de la Luz, larger collections of dragon trees can be seen. The hamlet of San Antonio del Monte is famous for its annual pilgrimage festival (June).