Puntallana - La Palma

Puntallana, on the northeast coast of La Palma, 15 kilometers north of Santa Cruz at 400 meters altitude, has about 2,400 inhabitants. An atmospheric walk leads from the old church "San Juan Bautista" at the spacious central plaza (Flemish carvings and wooden ceilings) to the old village center of Puntallana with the pretty "Casa Luján", today an ethnographic museum (entrance free). Here you will also find the old town hall, a prison under Franco, and a craft center next door.

German library and fiestas in Puntallana

The largest German-language library in La Palma (Bila-Bibliotheca internacional en lengua alemana) is housed in a neatly renovated cottage. It was founded by a private foundation. Close to the pretty park, there are the restored washing places (Los Lavaderos), where the women of the village used to wash their clothes for centuries. Puntallana celebrates the Feast of St. John in June (24 June: coinciding with the summer solstice) and Santa Lucia on 13 December.