Puerto Naos - La Palma

Puerto Naos, sometimes also called Puerto de Naos, offers with its 600 meters long black sand beach under high coconut palms and the comfortable promenade a lot of holiday atmosphere with wonderful sunsets and a wide range of attractive apartments.

Holiday homes in Puerto Naos

Some apartment buildings, especially in the landward streets, look quite plain from the outside. Nevertheless, tourists will find here everything they need for a relaxed holiday. In the 1,000-bed hotel "Sol La Palma" at the southern end of the village, there is even an evening entertainment program for non-guests. In the old part of Puerto Naos at the harbor, one can still feel some of the fishing romance that the place radiated before the tourism boom.

Swimming in Puerto Naos

The sun-drenched beach offers amenities for a beach holiday with sunbed and parasol rental, freshwater showers, toilets, kiosks, and beach cafés. As in many fishing villages, the local saint is the Virgen del Carmen, which is celebrated every year in July.

Swimming near Puerto Naos

South of Puerto Naos are the beaches Las Monjas (currently closed), Charco Verde and El Remo with a few barbecue huts near the beach, despite strict supervision of the building ban. North of Puerto Naos are the beaches La Bombilla and Playa Nueva.

Leisure activities in Puerto Naos

In Puerto Naos, the organizers offer hiking tours, diving trips, paragliding flights and the renting of mountain bikes Above the village you will quickly land in the ubiquitous banana plantations.