Puntagorda - La Palma

The village of Puntagorda, 600 meters above sea level in the northwest of La Palma, offers sights such as the church of San Mauro and the magnificent pine "Pino de La Virgen", which was also the inspiration for a popular excursion restaurant. A gem of Puntagorda's is the San Mauro chapel under high eucalyptus trees about two kilometers below the village, which comes to life in a procession at the end of August.

Farmers market of Puntagorda

The Puntagorda farmers' market in the pine forest of El Fayal attracts visitors from all over La Palma every weekend. The Germans who emigrated here complete the product range with natural food, organic products, natural cosmetics, and homemade clothing and jewelry. As in other communities in the north, "Vino de Tea" is also produced in Puntagorda. This wine matures in barrels of tea, the heartwood of the pine, which passes on its resinous taste to the wine. Eight kilometers below Puntagorda you can swim in summer in the small sea swimming pool of El Fayal (in winter it is often too turbulent because of the surf).

Dragon trees and festivals in Puntagorda

In El Roque you can admire twin dragon trees, one of which has already been uprooted by a storm. Younger Dragos were planted to their side. The almond blossom festival is celebrated in Puntagorda's El Pinar district with plenty of food, drink, and music. The best Canarian folklore groups in traditional costumes show their skills. Visitors will be able to taste a wide range of local delicacies and wine.