Tazacorte - La Palma

Tazacorte's streets and steep alleyways tell a history. Many beautiful noble houses of the sugar families Monteverde, Van Dale, Sotomayor, and Massieu have been preserved in the oldest part of El Charco when Flemish and German merchants settled here in the 16th century under Charles V (Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and King of Spain). The palaces of the Vizconde del Buen Paso, the admiral Díaz Pimienta, the house Massieu and the house of the martyrs originate during this time. Jacome Monteverde, owner of the haciendas of Argual and Tazacorte, including one of the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of Tazacorte. In the simple local church of San Miguel, there are 39 Jesuits buried, who spent the night in Tazacorte in 1570 while passing through Brazil and were later killed by pirates in the waters around La Palma.

Banana Museum and Mojo Museum

The center of Tazacortes is also called "Little Paris". Life takes place around the promenade with its every evening sunset view and several pretty plazas. Tazacorte houses a banana museum and a new Mojo museum. In front of the town hall, a statue commemorates the diligence of those who made the wealth of the sugar barons possible: the agricultural workers. Another monument of centuries of hard work is the old public washing place (Los Lavaderos).
The inhabitants celebrate the fiesta of the local saint Miguel for several days in September. As a highlight, they let horses and a giraffe made of tissue paper (Caballos fufos) dance.