Puerto de Tazacorte - La Palma

Puerto de Tazacorte is 1.5 kilometers from Tazacorte and only six kilometers from Los Llanos. It lies at the mouth to the sea of the Barranco de las Angustias. The local scenery is dominated by banana plantations aand steeply rising lava walls. In recent years, Puerto de Tazacorte has become more attractive with the modernization of its beach facilities and port, offering many fish restaurants that are in demand all over La Palma. The Parque Atlantico, for many years a seawater swimming pool construction site on the beach, is supposed to contribute to the beautification of the place sometime.

Apartments in Puerto de Tazacorte

A number of beautiful apartments in the sunniest part of La Palma are ideal for a holiday. In the fishing harbour you can still watch the fishermen at work. Fresh fish can be bought here in the morning.

Leisure activities of Puerto de Tazacorte

From Puerto de Tazacorte, visitors can go on a boat, diving or fishing trips (including dolphin or whale watching or the "(Cueva Bonita"), swim, relax with the family or go hiking in the wild north of the islands. The black sandy beach, the longest of the La Palma's west coast next to Puerto Naos, is interspersed with small pebbles and is protected from the surf by a wall. The local saint festival takes place on 16 July with a boat procession in honour of the protector of the fishermen, the "Virgen del Carmen".

Largest fishing port in La Palmas

From Puerto de Tazacorte the Spaniards started the final conquest of La Palma in 1492. It began on the day of Saint Michael. Therefore, the island today is officially called San Miguel de la Palma. From here numerous emigrants embarked overseas. Later, Puerto de Tazacorte served as an export port for bananas. Today, a beautiful hiking trail begins in the village on the steep coast up to the vantage point "Mirador El Time".